Container Grain Supplies – Ukrrichflot’s New Logistic Service!
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Ukrrichflot JSSC has created a new, much-needed service for its customers on the threshold of grain harvesting in Ukraine – turnkey container grain supplies.

The service has already been tested by one of the consignors: over 500 tonnes of Class 5-6 fodder wheat were loaded into 20 pound containers for export to Malaysia on June 22-24, 2016.

The service has been developed by the company’s specialists and includes a complex of logistic services based on the Incoterms FCA CY supply, namely:
     - grain procurement;
     - the delivery of the empty containers to Dnipro River Port (DRP);
     - the loading (stuffing) of the grain into containers at DRP;
     - the delivery of the loaded containers from DRP to the sea port;
     - freight forwarding servicing.

As a result, the customer gets a customs-cleared cargo in a container at the container terminal for maritime delivery to the destination port.

Ukrrichflot’s logisticians have created a unique and flexible logistic system dedicated to this commission. Two types of transport are simultaneously involved in it: railway well cars (five long-base 80-pound platforms have allowed delivering 20 empty containers) and the ship Mechanic Cherevko. Moreover, two freight flows that do not intersect at all are combined in the scheme: the platforms on which the empty containers have been delivered will be used further on to transport the containers of a different contract partner!

While stuffing the grain into containers, a complex of port facilities was involved in the DRP: an elevator, a grain thrower, a container car and two gantry cranes operating in the duplex mode. The average loading of one container is some 26 tonnes of wheat, the stuffing norm being some 10 containers a day.

The company intends to develop the field of grain container supplies further on, as it is one of the priority ones and has a great potential for the growth of container flow. Dnipro Port is an excellent platform for this field, and Ukrrichflot as a container operator is ready to provide its customers with the most economically sound and progressive freight delivery schemes.

JSSC «Ukrrichflot»
Адрес: 8 Elektrykiv Str., Kyiv, 04071, Ukraine
Tel.: +38 (044) 594 57 88
Tel./fax: +38 (044) 490 66 48