A Project with Interpipe Company: Summarizing September Results
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Over a month ago, a joint project of Ukrrichflot and Interpipe company in the field of inland waterway transportation of containerized steel products via Dnipropetrovsk River Port (DRP) has started, and now, preliminary results may be seen.

Within the project 960 t of pipes and wheel products have been transported in containers down the “Dnipropetrovsk – Odesa Region Ports” line. It is planned to deliver 1735 t of products in containers by the end of September. Additionally shipping of stock steel from DRP to Romania has been launched: 920 t have been transported since the start of the month, while the planned volume by the end of the month is 1500 t.

Mechanic Cherevko m/v, with cargo capacity of 83 FEU, is engaged in regular voyages on the leg “Dnipropetrovsk – Odesa Region Ports”. In September, capacity utilization of the vessel reached 73 FEU containers per voyage, i.e. 88% of its carrying capacity. The plans of Ukrrichflot envisage reaching full capacity utilization, delivering 83 FEU per voyage by the end of year 2015 navigation season.

 With the purpose of successful project implementation the team of Ukrrichflot has optimized the following logistics processes:
1. The problem of cargo declaring has been solved: a preliminary declaration is drawn up prior to receipt of loaded containers;
2. Cargo stuffing is performed in two ways at a time: using the unique “Clamp” load-gripping device and a forklift truck with a special-purpose loading fixture. This allows accelerating the process of container loading at a stuffing yard as much as possible;
3. Cargo unloading/placing is carried out right at the container stuffing yard. Containers are brought from the empty container yard and then moved to the area of loaded containers, whereof they are eventually handled onto a vessel.

The preliminary positive results of Ukrrichflot-Interpipe cooperation assure of the fact that efficient collaboration of two companies will continue further on.

JSSC «Ukrrichflot»
Адрес: 8 Elektrykiv Str., Kyiv, 04071, Ukraine
Tel.: +38 (044) 594 57 88
Tel./fax: +38 (044) 490 66 48