Keeping abreast of new technologies: UKRRICHFLOT became a participant of Transport Week in Odessa
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The 14th International Transport Week took place in Odessa from June 2 till June 5, with this year’s motto being “Dialog. Trust. Action.”

About 200 representatives from various countries of the world who discussed important issues in transport industry, logistics and trade took part in the events run as part of the Transport Week. UKRRICHFLOT was represented by Director of Port Operations Oleksii Koshelev and Chief Port Engineer Mykhailo Kravchenko, who participated in a number of conjoint events, such as:

  • the Global Logistic Strategy Execution in the International Transportation System forum organized by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine;
  • the 14th Black Sea Region Transport Network: a Complex of Communications between Europe, Asia and Other Continents international conference;
  • the Inter Transport international conference exhibition.

According to Director of Port Operations Oleksii Koshelev, the key objective of participation in such events is the need for constantly keeping abreast of transport industry developments, getting acquainted with novelties, entering into new cooperation agreements, as UKRRICHFLOT is consistently investing in technological development, implementing new projects.

Currently, the company is actively developing a new project linked with inland waterway container transportation. Thus, participation in a discussion on container business both in Ukraine and worldwide, its development trends and legislation changes became a valuable experience.

JSSC «Ukrrichflot»
Адреса: 8 Elektrykiv Str., Kyiv, 04071, Ukraine
Tel.: +38 (044) 594 57 88
Tel./fax: +38 (044) 490 66 48