Cargo handling: piece, forced, grain, сargo of metallurgical Industry, big bags etc
100 years of experience in river- sea transportation
Annual cargo transshipment with its own fleet is about 3 million tn.
We organize combined logistics solutions: stevedoring services, freight
Wide geography of presence - five own ports: Dnipro, Zaporizhzhia, Nikopol, Kherson, Mykolaiv


  • 3
    million tonnes
    annual cargo loading
  • >10
    million tonnes
    total capacity of five river ports
  • 66
    thousand tonnes
    capacity of our own grain silo
  • 170
    thousand tonnes
    otal DWT (cargo capacity) of the fleet
  • 210
    square meters
    of storage area
  • 249
    million tonnes
    river sand deposits
is a private logistics operator
that develops Ukrainian river transport infrastructure and provides integrated logistics solutions of any complexity.

of operation

River and sea shipment

The UKRRICHFLOT fleet has about 100 units of various types of vessels and consists of 3 main groups:

  • River fleet performing shipment via the Dnipro River and Danube River, with entry into costal sea waters
  • River-sea conventional fleet that is shipping between river ports and ports of other countries via sea
  • Tugs and service fleet
Stevedoring service

UKRRICHFLOT includes 5 major river ports:

  • Dnipro
  • Zaporizhzhia
  • Nikopol
  • Kherson
  • Mykolaiv

Main specialization:
mining and metallurgical industry cargo, grain, food and other bulk cargo, general break bulk cargo.

  • 210k sq.m. is the company’s storage area
  • 180k sq.m. of them is open-air area
  • 30k sq.m of them is covered area
Extraction, shipment and sale of sand

UKRRICHFLOT is the largest operator in the Ukrainian river sand market. The Company owns 3 sand deposits with a total volume of 249 million tonnes (which is approx. 12% of officially explored river sand deposits in Ukraine). The developed and highly efficient infrastructure contributes to sand extraction, transportation and sales from own ports.

Shipyard services

Ukrrichflot ship repair company annually repair about 85 units of fleet

The company owns shipyards located on the Black Sea (Kherson), the Dnipro river (Zaporizhzhia). They perform repairs of varying complexity for river and river-sea vessels, tugs and barges, yachts and cruising fleet

Main areas of expertise of the Company’s shipyards are:

  • Hull works
  • Mechanical works
  • Electrical works
  • Hatch cover repairs
  • Repair of a vessel’s working and living premises
River shipment
is the best alternative to land



Providing transportation of agricultural, raw materials and industrial goods by water transport and in the same time:

improve the indicators of energy efficiency and environmental impact to the domestic transportation industry;

reduce the critical load on railway and road infrastructure;

participate in the formation of the optimal balance between all types of transportation in the structure of freight traffic in Ukraine.


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