UKRRICHFLOT is a stable and reliable employer that counts more than 1000 employees of competent, purposeful, dedicated professionals who daily ensure efficient business process management.
UKRRICHFLOT`s personnel policy is aimed at achieving maximum efficiency by each employee of the company. Improving Human resource management system, improving key performance indicators and increasing average salary are key tasks in working with staff.
We provide equal employment opportunities:
  • a quarter of our employees are women, working mainly as chiefs, managers and coastal warehouse specialists.
  • We provide employment for people with disabilities and citizens who have additional guarantees in promoting employment
  • Every 5th employee of UKRRICHFLOT is under 35 and another third are experienced professionals over the age of 50


is the largest river carrier in Ukraine with age-old experience, strong transport infrastructure (ports, fleets of various types and different areas of floating, floating mechanization) and highly professional staff.
The company is in close cooperation with trade union, 100% of the company’s employees are members of Ukrainian Trade Union of River Transport Workers. . The trade union organization is a participant in many working and social processes, provides additional benefits to employees, opportunities for health improvement, guarantees welfare assistance, organizes cultural events etc.

To ensure legal requirements for labor protection and increase the level of labor safety, the company operates a Labor Protection System, provides continuous health and safety training of personnel.

Success in your professional career development in the company depends on experience, professionalism, work resukts and desire to work, so we expect energetic, hardworking and talented people in our team and support proactive and ambitious employees.


Corporate health improvement
Official employment, maximum social guarantees
Comfortable working conditions
Internship and professional training at the employer’s expense
Competitive salary
Effective pay-for performance system
Possibility to participate in interesting projects
Work experience in a stable company with own unique infrastructure
Perspective of career and professional growth
English language learning and improvement support programs

for students and graduates

As a potential employer, we provide opportunities for students to complete their final internship and apprenticeship in the company’s divisions and vessels.

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Every year, about 50 students from universities and colleges pass introductory, production and undergraduate practice.

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We invite young leaders to complete practice or a long-term internship program and offer:
  • Practical experience from professionals
  • Challenging but interesting tasks
  • An opportunity to become part of a large logistics business
  • The best students will be offered employment in the company

To the attention of persons intending to work on vessels JSSC ‘UKRRICHFLOT’

There are cases of fraudulent actions by unidentified persons who allegedly act under the name of the private Joint Stock Company «Shipping company ‘Ukrrichflot’» for the purpose of employment of crew members on the company’s vessels! These individuals operate under the guise of crewing companies (or intermediaries) that by their actions create an idea of legality of their actions through illegal use of trademark, places of registration of the employer, requisites, names of vessels, forged documents, seals and the name of the company UKRRICHFLOT.
Please note that unknown persons, using the name and reputation of the private Joint Stock Company “Shipping Company Ukrrichflot” can use similar to the name of Ukrrichflot texts (names) for companies they have created, so they can mislead seafarers who search for vacancies.

Be careful!

In order to avoid negative consequences fraudulent actions we suggest checking information about availability of vacancies on ships of the private Joint Stock Company “Shipping Company Ukrrichflot” by sending a request to the following email address: : (with mandatory indication of your contact phone number). Payment for employment on ships of the private Joint Stock Company “Shipping Company Ukrrichflot” IS NOT CHARGED!!

Additionally, please note that activities of crewing agencies are subject to licensing. Information about availability of licenses can be checked at the following link:
Be careful and conscious!

This requires:
  • Be a graduate or a final year student
  • Have desire and learn quickly
  • Be bold, leadership and not indifferent
  • Pass the interview successfully


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